“Karnataka’s Cinematic Frenzy: The Phenomenon of Advance Booking for ‘Kateera'”

Box office Sultana Darshan Tarun Sudhir, Rockline combination movie Katera is ready. Between the movies Salaar and Dunki, Kannada Katera’s movie craze is also strong and advance bookings have also started. In the matter of ticket booking itself, this record has been made and everyone is shocked.

Katera made the biggest record in just two days. 50000 tickets have been sold out and the collection has been equal to one crore. The film team has officially claimed this. It is again true that the king of the film i.e. Darshan is number 1 in terms of fans, collection and promotion.

Earlier, the song “Sane Pasandagavane” had set a record of 10 million views in 24 hours. Now the ticket booking, if the movie hits the screens, the old record will be shattered, Gandhinagar is indeed not a Pan India film but Kannada film fans are proud of this much advance booking.

D Boss fans are celebrating. In the meantime, Katera is making a new record. Guru Deshpande has taken over the distribution rights of Katera in Hyderabad Karnataka. Box office is ready on 29th.

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