Encouragement needed for new experiments: Prithvi Amber starrer “Juni” releases on February 9.

A good film has no such regular formula, framework and formula. It is possible to give a new experience to the audience only by making different efforts in terms of screenplay. Joining this line is the film “Juni”.

The trailer of “Juni” was released last week and received a good response from the audience. The new team will hit the screens on February 9 with a new experiment for the audience who have been watching the same movie in recent days.

Prithvi Amber, who won the hearts of the audience with the film “Diya”, is seen as the lead actor of this film. In this he played the role of a chef. A good development for an actor is to immerse himself in different roles. Similarly, Prithvi Amber is also admirable for entertaining the audience through different roles and stories.

Written and directed by Vaibhav Mahadev, the trailer is engaging, combining a psychological thriller with a love story. We can expect this in film too. Cinematography by Jitin Das grabs the viewer’s attention. Shashank Narayan has composed the music for this film, which is composed by Nakul Abhyankar.

Prithvi Amber, Rishika Nayak, Sudharani, Avinash, Vinaya Prasad, Dhanush Ravindra and many others have acted in this film.

Juni film produced by Mohan Kumar S under Trishul Creations banner will be released across the state on February 9. Those who see the experiments in other languages and say that we are not getting this kind of film, should wish to see the film “Juni”.

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